About Us

About us

American Ballistics has operated for over 4 decades, manufacturing ammunition for clients globally.
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American Ballistics of Tyrone, Georgia specializes in the manufacturing of special purpose small arms ammunition for governmental agencies. Since 1978, American Ballistics has developed a reputation as an applications-based munitions designer/developer with its own ballistics test facility and case manufacturing line.


The primary emphasis and objective over the years has been on producing mission-designated applications ammunition for Military and Law Enforcement elite special ops groups both in the United States and abroad. American Ballistics (AB) is also a defense contractor for the United States Department of Defense, as well as a supplier of munitions for embassy diplomatic security groups and Foreign Military Sales.

American Ballistics was responsible for designing and developing many types of special ammunition products to be used with military armament silenced submachine gun and sniper rifle systems. In addition, American Ballistics also promotes the utilization of special ops weapons systems for covert activities and counter-insurgency response and further supports the efforts of covert geo-political objectives. This has been accomplished by developing special ammunition for mission-oriented operational field teams involved with state-of-the-art “black operations” weaponry.

For the 21st century, American Ballistics’ philosophy and mission continues to be the creation and delivery of innovative and specialized small arms ammunition to its end users.  In addition, accommodating the unique requirements of advanced weaponry to combat current and future subversive global terrorism.

American Ballistics with it’s background and professional expertise is in design. development, and execution of high speed ammunition manufacturing. engineering. and production techniques/ processes, plant layout, and tooling to provide for a maximum flexible manufacturing environment to ensure optimum production efficiency. Also American Ballistics can provide expertise in the Management and Implementation of Lean Metallurgical Manufacturing. and Ballistic Test Systems.

American Ballistics with it’s qualifications expands over 50 years of defense industry-related experience with extensive background in small caliber ammunition, ferrous metals deep draw manufacturing and cold forming techniques, ballistic test and evaluation applications utilizing Drello and Oehler Systems & software, metallurgical analysis, AUTOCAD /CAD/CAM/ SOLIDWORKS/GRAFX production tool geometry design, ISO 9001 QA Systems, PRODAS V.3 advanced projectile design and analysis – GE Ordnance software system, BALTECH ballistics software, DEFORM net shape manufacturing software. CASA- cartridge case. modeling and analysis design software. LAP-MATRIX production system design and processes: SPC/MRP – statistical process control/manufacturing resource planning and facility floor plan layout and equipment management.

American Ballistics is registered with US State Dept, DTC/PM/MC has memberships in NDIA, SME, AUSA, and is an Associate member of the American Foreign Service Association.